Detail of Academic Staff

MIZOGUCHI, Yoshihiro/ Professor

MIZOGUCHI, Yoshihiro MIZOGUCHI, Yoshihiro(Professor) researcher_infomation research and technical catalog (1) The theory of graph transformations, graph algorithms and category theory are widely applicable to develop the new kind of computing paradigm such as unconventional computing and natural computing. For example, we are trying to find invariants in graph transformations which are useful to construct algorithms for solving problems which include network reliabilities computing. We are also studying the theory of categories applicable to the theory of programs, automata theory, logic programming and concept analysis. (2) We design, implement and teach about information systems which have a capability to protect the system using encryption from the both point of view 'Mathematical' and 'Practical'.

Keyword Software Science, Graph Transformation, Theory of Computing
Division Applied Mathematics ,Intelligent Societal Implementation of Mathematical Computation (concurrent) ,Laboratory of Mathematical Design for Advanced Cryptography (concurrent)