Detail of Academic Staffs

MORIYAMA, Taku/ Assistant Professor

MORIYAMA, Taku MORIYAMA, Taku(Assistant Professor) researcher_infomation research and technical catalog  I study the asymptotic theory of nonparametric statistical analysis. Nonparametric methods are robust to model assumptions, and can handle data from unspecified distributions. However, assuring the accuracy needs large enough sample size since nonparametric methods only use information from realizations  Therefore, making inference about the tail behavior of a distribution, where the data has little information, is a difficult problem in general. Moreover, the accuracy drastically deteriorates in high dimensional cases, when the curse of dimensionality occurs and obtained realizations get dispersed. I aim to devise and implement nonparametric methods with practical accuracy, and try improvement of  statistics from various perspectives.
Keyword Statistical Science, Nonparametric Inference
Division Advanced Mathematics Technology