Detail of Academic Staff

IWAO, Tadashige/ Visiting Professor

IWAO, Tadashige IWAO, Tadashige(Visiting Professor) My research interest lies in distributed system called, "Multi-agent systems." Multi-agent systems have no centric control system but each agent works their own tasks according to only limited information of environment around them, and work well conformity as an entire system. I focus on a method to put learning mechanism into each agent so that systems work more stable and efficiently. For an example of IoT age, I apply multi-agent system mechanism to large scale wireless network whose wireless nodes create route autonomously on unstable wireless media.

Hereafter, multi-agent systems are required much more  as society becomes more complex and huge scale, because it is becomes difficult to control centric. I will promote to develop learning method using mathematical technique in collaboration with mathematicians.
Keyword Multi-Agent System, Autonomous Distributed System, Ad-hoc Network
Division Fujitsu Social Mathematics