Detail of Academic Staff

OHORI, Kotaro/ Visiting Researcher

OHORI, Kotaro OHORI, Kotaro(Visiting Researcher) My research interests are mainly in social system design and service management. Recently, many private companies focus on addressing social issues in various types of social systems. It is difficult, however, to resolve complex social problems because the systems include multiple aspects of conflicts among stakeholders who have different values, beliefs and interests. To resolve the conflicts, my research aims to aid the communication processes among stakeholders with field intervention methods and social system analysis technologies. The research process consists of the following four steps: 1) extracting essential elements relevant to a target social issue with the use of some fieldwork techniques; 2) building a social system model based on mathematical or agent-based modeling techniques; 3) analyzing possible social outcomes with the model; and 4) supporting the decision making processes among stakeholders based on the results of the analysis. Based on the research findings, I would like to develop an effective methodology for analysis and design of a social system with an interdisciplinary approach combining social science and engineering.
Keyword Systems Science, Agent-Based Social Simulation, Marketing Science, Evolutionary Economics
Division Fujitsu Social Mathematics