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KIMURA, Masato/ Guest Professor

KIMURA, Masato KIMURA, Masato(Guest Professor)
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Institute of Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University
Joint research on the numerical analysis of partial differential equations models.

I am studying mathematical and numerical analysis for mathematical models related to various kinds of phenomena and partial differential equations. I aim to balance my research between mathematical analysis, numerical simulation and development of new numerical schemes, and mathematical modeling of various phenomena. I have studied mathematical and numerical analysis for some moving boundary problems such as the curvature flow problem or the Hele-Shaw moving boundary problem. Recently, I am trying to study some fracture models of elastic body, a phase field model of dislocation curve, mathematical analysis for particle simulations, and variational structures in moving boundary problems and applications to numerical simulation.
Keyword Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, Pattern Formation, Crack Propagation, Particle Method
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