Research Divisions

Fundamental Mathematics

The division of Fundamental Mathematics looks at cases in which the problem is clear but the mathematical technique for solving the problem is not, and performs fundamental research for uncovering that technique. It is staffed with mathematicians having extensive mathematical skills, a broad range of knowledge, and flexible approaches, and who perform basic research to drive technical innovation. This department supports research by holding international conferences, for example, and in cooperation with the Intellectual Property Management Center, plans and manages high-quality doctoral-program internships in conjunction with industry and supports the training of company personnel. It also supports education such as through the doctoral course at the graduate school of mathematics (Functional Mathematics course) and disseminates information related to institute activities, and in conjunction with collaborators from both inside and outside Kyushu University, plans lectures on various types of qualification testing and holds workshops as a part of lifelong education.

Fundamental Mathematics List of Academic Staff

ABE, Takuro (Professor) ... Arrangements of Hyperplanes, Root Systems and Weyl Groups, Vector Bundles

OCHIAI, Hiroyuki (Professor) ... Algebraic Analysis, Representation Theory, Special Function

SAEKI, Osamu (Professor) ... Topology, Singularity Theory, Differential Topology, DNA Knots

SHIRAI, Tomoyuki (Professor) ... Probability Theory, Determinantal Point Processes

ISHITSUKA, Yasuhiro (Assistant Professor) ... Number Theory, Arithmetic Invariant Theory, Diophantine Geometry