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Prof. Fujisawa's research team achieved the world's first place in the Graph500 benchmark test using the supercomputer Tomitake for six consecutive terms (16 terms in total).

A joint research group consisting of Professor Katsuki Fujisawa of Kyushu University's Institute of Mass-for-Industry Research, RIKEN, Fixtures, Inc. and Fujitsu Limited has successfully improved the performance of the supercomputer "Fugaku" in the international "Graph500" supercomputer performance ranking for large-scale graph analysis using the full spec of the supercomputer. The research group succeeded in improving the performance of "Graph500," an international performance ranking of supercomputers for large-scale graph analysis, and ranked No. 1 in the world for the sixth consecutive term following June 2022.
The rankings will be released by the Graph500 Committee will announce the results on November 14 (Nov. 15, GMT).
大規模グラフ解析の性能は,大規模かつ複雑なデータ処理が求められるビッグデータの解析において重要な指標となるものであり,世界最高性能を達成した技術を用いて,民間企業とのアプリケーション開発(スマート工場, MaaS (配送最適化)等)を推進しております。

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Fugaku supercomputer ranked No. 1 in the world in the BFS category of Graph500 for the sixth consecutive year.
 -Highest rating in graph analysis, which is important for processing big data.

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