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Computer Science and its Applications
TEZUKA, Shu (Professor)
Keyword: Computational Statistics
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Representation Theory and Number Theory, and their Applications to Statistics and Engineering
WAKAYAMA, Masato (Professor)
Keyword: Representation Theory, Number Theory, Zeta Functions, Spectral Analysis
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Mathematics on arrangements of hyperplanes
ABE, Takuro (Associate Professor)
Keyword: Arrangements of Hyperplanes, Root Systems and Weyl Groups, Vector Bundles
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Modeling of Solid-to-Solid Phase-Transformations in Shape-Memory Alloys
CESANA, Pierluigi (Associate Professor)
Keyword: PDEs, Calculus of Variations, Gamma-Convergence, Materials Science
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Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems and its Applications
CHIBA, Hayato (Associate Professor)
Keyword: Dynamical Systems, Ordinary Differential Equations, Nonlinear Evolution Equations
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Sparse Multivariate Analysis via L1 Regularization
HIROSE, Kei (Associate Professor)
Keyword: Sparse Estimation, Multivariate Analysis
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Discrete Optimization and its Applications
KAMIYAMA, Naoyuki (Associate Professor)
Keyword: Discrete Optimization, Graph Theory, Computational Complexity
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Computational Bioloty
MARUYAMA, Osamu (Associate Professor)
Keyword: Statistical Machine learning, Bioinformatics
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Theory for Irregular Statistical Models and its Application
NINOMIYA, Yoshiyuki (Associate Professor)
Keyword: Mathematical Statistics, Biometrics
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Understanding Phenomena by Numerical Simulations
TAGAMI, Daisuke (Associate Professor)
Keyword: Numerical Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computational Electromagnetics, Computer Aided Engineering
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