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Dynamical Systems Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Large deviation principle and zeros of the rate function for interval maps with non-recurrent fla... Hiroki TAKAHASI (Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University) 2017-10-26~2017-10-26
Symbolic and algebraic dynamics of solvable models Evgeny Verbitskiy (Leiden University) 2017-04-28~2017-04-28
Flatness-induced phase transition in Lyapunov spectrum for unimodal maps Hiroki TAKAHASI (Keio University) 2016-10-13~2016-10-13
A C^\infty closing lemma for Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms of closed surfaces Masayuki ASAOKA (Kyoto University) 2016-02-23~2016-02-23
Sensitivity of chemical reaction networks: a structural approach Atsushi MOCHIZUKI (Theoretical Biology Laboratory, RIKEN / CREST, Japan Science and Technology Agency) 2015-05-20~2015-05-20
Dynamics of regulatory networks Bernold Fiedler (Free University of Berlin) 2015-05-20~2015-05-20
Linking dynamical systems to probability theory: A study of equilibrium measures. Steven Berghout (Leiden University) 2015-03-18~2015-03-18
Exact WKB analysis and cluster algebras Kohei IWAKI (Kyoto University) 2014-11-13~2014-11-13
Measures with maximum total exponent of $C^1$ diffeomorphisms with basic sets Yusuke TOKUNAGA (Osaka University) 2014-04-25~2014-04-25
super-exponential growth of the number of periodic orbits in partially hyperbolic dynamics Masayuki ASAOKA (Kyoto University) 2013-05-24~2013-05-24