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Integrable Systems Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Deriving 3D structure of DNA from neighboring data Youichi NAKATA (Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo) 2017-11-08~2017-11-08
Yang-Baxter equation, elliptic hypergeometric integrals, and ABS equations. Andrew Kels (University of Tokyo) 2017-07-20~2017-07-20
Growth of degrees of lattice equations and its signitures over finite fields Dinh Tran (University of New South Wales, Australia) 2017-01-18~2017-01-18
Raney distribution and random matrix theory Peter Forrester (University of Melbourne) 2016-09-09~2016-09-09
Solutions for discrete sine-Gordon equation via separation of variables method Shimpei KOBAYASHI (Hokkaido University) 2014-02-21~2014-02-21
The full Kostant-Toda lattice and the positive flag variety Yuji Kodama (Ohio State University) 2013-08-12~2013-08-12
The Lax pair of symmetric q-Painlevé VI equation of type A3 Nobutaka Nakazono (University of Sydney) 2013-07-19~2013-07-19
3D integrability, quantized algebra of functions and PBW bases Atsuo KUNIBA (University of Tokyo) 2013-06-05~2013-06-05
q = -1 limit of the Askey scheme Alexei Zhedanov(Donetsk Institute for Physics and Technology, Ukraine) 2013-05-21~2013-05-21
Construction of the exceptional orthogonal polynomials and its application to the superintegrable... Satoshi Tsujimoto (Kyoto University) 2013-05-21~2013-05-21