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Functional Equation Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Spreading speed and profile for nonlinear diffusion problems with free boundaries Hiroshi MATSUZAWA (Numazu National College of Technology) 2014-10-17~2014-10-17
Threshold solutions for semilinear heat equations with polynomial decay initial data Yuki NAITO (Ehime University) 2014-10-03~2014-10-03
Almost sure global well-posedness for the periodic fourth order Schrodinger equation Takamori KATO (Saga University) 2014-07-18~2014-07-18
Type II blow-up mechanisms in semilinear heat equations with supercritical nonlinearity Yukihiro SEKI (Kyushu University) 2014-04-18~2014-04-18
Introduction to the theory of function spaces Yoshihiro SAWANO (Tokyo Metropolitan University) 2014-01-24~2014-01-24
Global well-posedness in spatially critical Besov space for the Boltzmann equation Jiang Xu (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics / Kyushu University) 2013-12-13~2013-12-13
Motion of a Vortex Filament in an External Flow Masashi AIKI (Keio University) 2013-11-08~2013-11-08
Analysis of fractional-harmonic-map's PDEs and applications Armin Schikorra (Max-Planck-Institute) 2013-11-01~2013-11-01
Fourth-order dispersive systems on the one-dimensional torus Hiroyuki CHIHARA (Kagoshima University) 2013-10-18~2013-10-18
Remarks on scattering problem for the energy-critical nonlinear Schrdinger equation Takafumi Akahori (Shizuoka University) 2013-07-05~2013-07-05