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IMI Joint Research Projects of the academic year 2018

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IMI advertised for applications to the Joint Research Projects of the academic year 2018 from 2018.4.1 to 2019.3.31. The proposals were reviewed in the IMI Joint Research Steering Committee, and the following proposals were accepted.

【General Research】
Workshop II (5)
Title: Advanced Mathematical Investigation for Dislocation
Organizer: Shigeki Matsutani (National Institute of Technology, Sasebo College)
Scheduled Date: 2018.9.10 (Mon) - 2018.9.11 (Tue)

Title: Basic mathematical studies on dressed photon
Organizer: Hirofumi Sakuma (Research Origin for Dressed Photon, Corp.)
Scheduled Date: 2019.3.20 (Wed) - 2019.3.21 (Thu)

Title: Mathematical approach for quantum information society
Organizer: Katsuyuki Takashima (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
Scheduled Date: 2018.9.17 (Mon) - 2018.9.19 (Wed)

Title: Non-destructive inspection for concrete structures and related topics
Organizer: Takashi Takiguchi (National Defense Academy of Japan)
Scheduled Date: 2018.10.23 (Tue) - 2018.10.26 (Fri)

Title: Modeling and Analysis of Time Series Data in Math-Agro Sciences
Organizer: Koichi Unami (Kyoto University)
Scheduled Date: 2018.11.5 (Mon) - 2018.11.7 (Wed)

Short-term Joint Research (3)
Title: Multiobjective optimization and singularity theory: Classification of Pareto point singularities
Organizer: Naoki Hamada (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)
Scheduled Date: 2018.8.6 (Mon) - 2018.8.10 (Fri)

Title: New developments of Discrete Differential Geometry:from industrial design to architecture
Organizer: Jun-ichi Inoguchi (University of Tsukuba )
Scheduled Date: 2018.9.13 (Thu) - 2018.9.15 (Sat)

Title: Geometric approach for shipbuilding
Organizer: Daisuke Yamaguchi (S.E.A. Systems. Inc.)
Scheduled Date: 2018.8.20 (Mon) - 2018.8.24 (Fri)

Short-term Visiting Researcher (1)
Title: Annealing machine for constrained combinatorial optimization problem
Organizer: Takuya Okuyama (Hitachi, Ltd.)
Scheduled Date: 2018.8.23 (Thu) - 2018.8.28 (Tue)

【Project for Young Researcher】
Short-term Visiting Researcher (1)
Title: Arnold diffusion in black hole spacetimes
Organizer: Kentaro Tomoda (Osaka City University)
Scheduled Date: 2018.8.3 (Fri) - 2018.8.10 (Fri)

※As of June 8, 2018

The period of the Joint Research Projects are subject to change.
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