Detail of Academic Staffs

TSUNODA, Kenkichi/ Post-doctoral Researcher

TSUNODA, Kenkichi TSUNODA, Kenkichi(Post-doctoral Researcher) I research in problems from the statistical physics, in particular, I am interested in the lattice gas which is a generalization of the exclusion process or the zero-range process. In these years, I studied following problems with Professor Claudio landim (IMPA).

We study a particle system called Glauber-Kawasaki process or reaction-diffusion model. It is known that the hydrodynamic equation for the particle system is given by a reaction-diffusion equation. To study the steady states for the particle system, we start from proving the hydrostatics and the dynamical large deviation principle. Moreover we also prove the lower semicontinuity of the large deviations rate function and show that its level set is compact. Based on these results, we prove the large deviation principle for the steady states.

Keyword Probability Theory, Scaling Limit, Interacting Particle System