Detail of Academic Staffs

QIN, Pan/ Guest Professor

QIN, Pan QIN, Pan(Guest Professor)
Dalian University of Technology
Joint research on statistics modeling and control.

We can find a great deal of time series data and signals, which depend on time, in the industry, nature and economics.  Time series analysis and signal processing are important for explaining phenomena, prediction and control. My research interests include statistics signal processing, time series analysis, system identification and control theory.
Recently, I focus on the researches about: (a) robust model selection for nonlinear time series models, and (b) system identification and predictive control for multi-rate systems. Also, I am taking part in some joint research projects with companies and research institutes. Through these projects, I work on solving practical problems by using mathematic theories and methods.
Keyword Statistics Signal Processing, Time Series Analysis, System Identification, Control Theory
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